Financial Management and Reporting

Trusted by CPAs & Business Owners
Our mature accounting software with inventory management has:

  • detailed reporting and analysis tools for accountants.
  • support for an unlimited number of general ledger accounts and sub-accounts
  • optional ‘always on’ audit trail

This is easy to master and powerful multi-currency accounting software for distributors and wholesalers; battle tested, loved and trusted by management accountants everywhere.

Any report imaginable
Because all your information is in one database our reporting tools let you easily and quickly join up sales, fulfillment and accounting data to create, memorise and run clear and up to the minute reports. No more time wasted pulling and piecing together data from multiple apps.

You’re busy, your time is valuable and you’re the expert on your business, so it might be you need reports unique to you. We’ll work with you to quickly produce them using our business intelligence toolkit. No more wasted time figuring out how to use vendor’s complex reporting tools and the endless support calls that ensue.

Multi currency
Because we provide support for multiple currencies our accounting features can be used just about anywhere. For example, our sales and purchasing documents automatically display and record the international or foreign price or cost, specific trading currency, related exchange rate, correct tax code for each customer or supplier. Foreign currency transactions and balances are shown in reports in both the local and trading currency (FX) values.

Rich Classifications
You can group together and organise documents for reporting and tracking purposes by assigning up to three different classes from as many classes as you want to specify. Classes are configurable on every document throughout the system, and enable you to create powerful cross function reports, which help you measure end to end performance in your business processes.

Everything that counts…
Accrual or cash based accounting
Account numbering
Automatic balance entry checking
Audit trail
Bank reconciliation
Cash management
Customizable reports with drill down transactions
Departmental accounting
Document linking – organize and link originals
Double entry general ledger
Export to spreadsheets
Email statements to Customers
Email delinquent notices to Customers
Financial period locking
General journals with automatic reversals
Multi-currency revaluation and adjustments
Price items in multi-currency for price integrity
Roles – control access to records and changes
Recurring billing (Plug in)
Seamless Order to Cash and Procure to Pay
Tax compliance: VAT, Petty Cash VAT input accounting, Withholding Tax, and reporting