Inventory Management

Model & Track any Product

Stock & Matrix Items – Organize your inventory with Categories & Attributes

Assemblies (bill of materials) – Create Assemblies ‘on the fly’ to simplify inventory visibility.

Unit Tracking (i.e. serial #s) – Specify unique items and track serial numbers, warranties, service histories and more.

Real time stock tracking
In-depth and accurate visibility of everything that’s happening throughout your supply chain, inventory and order fulfillment. Customizable, real time, detail and summary reports which allow you to drill right down to the detail, and check, contrast and compare the numbers.

You can organise your stock in multiple warehouses or locations within each warehouse. Our inventory management is linked to accounting, so those who need it always have a real time and detailed picture of your inventory’s financial and physical values.

Supply chain visibility
Our app gives you a 360 degree and in depth view of every interaction and transaction with each one of your vendors, including email, events and the interactions you need to know about and track when managing inventory. You can easily configure custom reports to help you analyze aspects of supplier performance such as expenditure, reliability and value for money.

Drop ship control
Our sales orders enable you to swiftly create, email and track every purchase order needed to fulfill drop shipments. You can specify which Items (Products) are drop shipped and record the preferred supplier on the Item so as the purchase order is automatically pre-populated with supplier details. You can import Supplier Price Lists files either manually or we can create a Plugin to get the data from the suppliers site and into your app.