Aries Implementation Services

Aries Implementation Services

Renovate legacy environments and embrace new models to make the most out of your applications estate.
Selecting the most appropriate enterprise application suite for your purposes is only winning half the battle. Equally important is the expertise and experience required to put in place the most effective implementation strategy to ensure your applications integrate seamlessly into your existing IT environment, embrace new models, and provide immediate functionality. Application investments by nature only start yielding returns over a period of time. During this period, the mosaic of technology changes dramatically rendering some of these applications dated, deficient, and in some cases even obsolete. But, most of these legacy applications contain years of critical data and know-how that is of critical importance to an organization.

We go for speed deployments and simplify IT with proven methods.

Speed time to value

Lower total cost of ownership to stay focused on your core business. Our implementation services help by providing expert assistance to develop implementation plans, to model and validate, migrate, and integrate Aries solutions to your business.

Objectives are always:
* Decrease costs: New solution, no disruption
* Mitigate risk exposure
* Improve business outcomes

We can do more than just get your software up and running. As part of the Aries professional services suite of programs, we can help enhance your experience by bridging the gap between business and solution. Our consultants have a detailed knowledge of best practices and the processes associated with implementing business technology projects. Our Project and program management services can help ensure your project stays on track, maintains focus on the business outcome, and is delivered on time and on budget.

Through Aries implementation services, we work closely with you to deliver a solution that reflects the specific needs of your business, and aids in employee knowledge, internal adoption, and quality performance.