Data Migration Services

Data Migration

Data Migration is perhaps one of the most important issues in implementing a new system. One possible strategy (not a desirable one in most cases) is to abandon your existing data. However, you may probably encounter this scenario:

“Hello, this is ABC Company. Can I help you?”
“You like to place an order. OK, can I get your company name and address please?
“Oh, you’re a repeat customer. Sorry, I know you already gave your customer details before, but we don’t use that data anymore. They’re from the old system. We have a new system now.”
“You want product 12345. That is the old code, let me try to find the new one. Please hold your line.”

Probably not going to work out so well with your customers.

Another possible strategy (again, not a desirable one in most cases) is to re-encode your existing data. Depending on the amount of data, you might actually be tempted to do this. Sit a bunch of your staff (or maybe hire several casual people) in front of a bunch of computers, give each of them a stack of reports from the old system, and show them how to enter the data into the new system. Buy lots of fast food and coffee. However, you may need to analyze your metrics on the error rate for manually-keyed data against the progressive stress and sleep deprivation of the data entry clerks.

Or, you can launch a data migration project.

This is where Aries can help. In most of our implementation projects, we have successfully migrated the essential data of our customers particularly with respect to their customers, vendors, employees, inventory items, chart of accounts, beginning balances, etc. We can work with almost any data source (except encrypted ones with no decryption key available) such as Excel, MS Access, dBASE, FoxBase, SQL Server, dB2, Informix, mySQL, Postgres, etc. Our data migration services help our clients use the new system in a quick and convenient way.