Why Aries?

Powerful and user-friendly back-end system with embedded and configurable Philippine’s BIR tax compliance. Can work independently or interfaced with any front-end applications.


A genuine alternative to QuickBooks Enterprise or Sage without the headaches of integration, data duplication and support people who don’t know you or your business.

Escape from this….                                                                         …. to this (in weeks)!


For Stakeholders
 Depth and maturity, used in diversified industries.
 Open to retrofitting with changing business process requirements.
 Low total cost of ownership. Unlimited user license.
 Supports cash management with transparent bank account balances, accounts due for collection and for payment
 Enabling of timely and highly-accurate financial information.

For Managers
 Good set-up of chart of accounts, subsidiary ledgers, responsibility centers. Geared towards having concise trial balance
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 Embedded and configurable tax compliance.
 Configurable Financial Statements report layout.
 Regulatory compliant tax report formats.
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